Pursuing Dreams

"Pursuing Dreams"

by Wendy Snodgrass, Innkeeper at Bellavista B&B

I offer here excerpts from a journal of mine that summarize the story of Bellavista Bed & Breakfast. It's a dream that I doggedly pursued--against seemingly insurmountable obstacles-which makes me all the more grateful that it has come true. I hope it offers inspiration to anyone pursuing their dreams and provides some insight into my passion for sharing Bellavista B&B.

Alamanda Blossom

Love at First Sight...

I fell in love with the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1991 when I first began visiting the Caribbean on vacation. I visited many islands over the years, but it was St. Thomas that kept calling me back year after year--sometimes even twice a year. I would joke about moving here and starting over. But I was a business professional with an established career, roots, and responsibilities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Synchronicity and some serious daydreaming ultimately triggered my pursuit when I discovered that an inn I was visiting on the island was for sale. While it was not the opportunity that was meant to be, it was the catalyst that inspired me to embark on a new adventure and move to St. Thomas in 1998.

Floating Plumeria

A Leap of Faith...

Dreams are like that. They require a leap of faith along with passion, perseverance, and of course, patience. The time you spend patiently waiting for a dream to become manifested in your life can be a productive preparation period. I had time to adjust to island living and work in the local hospitality industry. My experience in guest relations at a luxury resort here was an important step in building my competence for innkeeping. It was the ideal complement to my business background and travel experience.

Frog Flower

Paradise Found...

It took a couple years of searching to find "Bellavista" - a property that embraced me and inspired me. But the timing was tragic. I opened the B&B in 2001 in the midst of global and personal chaos. Everyone has their tales of heartache and hardship, and how we respond to these adversities and grow in faith is undoubtedly a gift of grace. With healing comes strength and awakening, making it an experience for which I can now be grateful. This may not be the dream as I originally envisioned it, but in many ways it is better, far better.

Bird of Paradise

Second Chances...

I believe in second chances. I found mine in the holistic supplement section at the local health food store. His name is Doug and he moved here from Seattle over 20 years ago. He has a passion for healthful, wholesome living and he is intimately connected to trees and plants and the natural world. I am reminded of this every time I see the meditative way in which he waters each plant in the garden. He has been inspirational influence in many ways and while he never dreamed that he would be running a B&B, it is a lifestyle and a love that we now share.

Renewed Bougainvillea Blooms

Devotion to a Dream...

We continually devote our time and energy to enhancing and caring for our property--making it a place that offers both beauty and comfort. We have a sound understanding of our guests' needs and expectations as well as a genuine interest in people and sincere desire to help our visitors have a memorable vacation.

We hope you come to St. Thomas because it's a wonderful place to visit.

Hibiscus - Flower of Peace & Happiness

We hope you come to Bellavista Bed & Breakfast because it's a special place where our surroundings and service enliven your senses, enrich your vacation experience, and encourage you to dream...

Gratitude & Thanks...

My dream of opening a bed and breakfast was made possible by family and friends who believed in me. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all who contributed their efforts and support.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul

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