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Charlotte Amalie
For those of you that have never heard of Charlotte Amalie, it is the largest city in St. Thomas. It has a little bit of everything including dining shopping, and sightseeing all within walking distance of the Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast. With the bed and breakfast in such a convenient location, we want to make sure that you don't miss out on all the cool sites of the city.

As you walk along the beautiful cobblestone walkways there are places with antiques and historic homes. The city was founded in 1681 by Danish settlers and because of this, it has a wealth of buildings that show a snapshot of colonial life. In the National Registry for historic places, the town is actually listed as an area of particular historic interest.
Charlotte Amalie has a newer part of the city and an older portion. Guests can see the evolution of the area. It transformed from a colonial trading port to one of the busiest duty-free ports in the Caribbean.

The area has some very popular attractions like the cities 99 steps. The steps were built in the 1700s. These stairs cut through nearly all the hills rising from the city although the 99 steps are the most popular because of how picturesque they look. There is also Bakbeard's Castle & Walking Tour. The tour includes the castle as well as five historic townhouses. The structures were built around 1674 to 1680 as a watchtower of the city. Each of the townhomes is furnished with beautiful antiques. It is so easy to imagine the merchants that would have lived in these homes. If that doesn't catch your interest check out Rothschild Francis Square (Market Square), Charlotte Amalie Harbor, Three Queens Fountain, Main Street, Fort Christian, and many other sites to see while in the area. Don't miss out on all that the area has to offer.